Attention Graziers: Paired Paddock and Dung Beetle Field Days

Graziers and landholders are invited to attend a field day to examine the results of trials looking at the impact of good soil nutrition on pasture production, stocking rates and profitability. This field day will be held on Helen Weston’s property at Myrtle Mountain from 10:30-1pm on Monday 29th November. For more details see the flyer below.

Locals graziers are also invited to attend a field day looking at dung beetles in a grazing environment on Wednesday 1st December in Candelo (3-5pm). Dung beetle expert from Charles Sturt University Dr Russ Barrow will discuss the trial release of a new species of dung beetle in the Cobargo area and monitoring work that has also been done to look at the impacts of bushfire on dung beetles. See flyer at bottom for more details and to register.