Farmers Network

As a diverse group of over 250 members the Farmers’ Network aims to find efficient and creative ways for landholders to learn and implement sustainable farming practices.  

Becoming a member of the Farmers’ Network will enable you to receive our Newsletter and invitations to upcoming events.

The Far South Coast Landcare Association has been successful in securing several grant to form and support a local Farmers’ Network, including employing a part-time Farmers’ Network coordinator for 7 years , Wayne Schaefer.  At the moment the Network is not fortunate enough to have coordinator funding however we are still working with LLS to ensure that the members stay connected and are informed of opportunities to learn and work together. .An integral part of the Network’s agenda is to develop future technology and marketing opportunities.  We work closely with industry experts and research bodies as well as stakeholder groups such as Local Land Services, MLA and Bega Valley Shire Council.  We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities and very keen to hear ideas from our members.  Our current membership is over 250 individuals.

Benefits of being part of the Network -

  • Free membership
  • Access to training, field days and written resources.
  • An opportunity to pool resources, share ideas and information and help solve problems as a group.
  • The chance to connect with your local community and like-minded farmers.
  • The option to request specific training to address your farming problems
  • Regular newsletters and emails updating you on events, animal health issues, community programs and funding opportunities.

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