The FSCLA is an ‘umbrella organisation’ supporting small Landcare groups and individuals wanting to improve the way in which land and water resources are managed on the Far South Coast.  We offer support in the form of financial grants, technical advice, insurance, tree planting, best practice guidelines, networking and more.

As a group we have a particular interest in all aspect of caring for the land and its people, including weed control, soil health, sustainable farming, farm productivity, family health, feral animal control, re-establishing and managing native vegetation, water quality, gully & riverbank erosion, protecting wetlands and our unique coastline.  

The FSCLA is currently supporting small Landcare groups in:

  • Grant application and project management.
  • Group governance, insurance and safety inductions
  • Fencing and establishing native revegetation.
  • Field days and education events.
  • Technical support for on-ground works.
  • Native plants, seeds and propagation for revegetation projects.
  • Weed control.
  • Networking and promotion
  • and more……

As an organisation we would like to make it easier for individuals, volunteers, and groups to pursue their projects and passions feeling well supported, well informed and appreciated.   

The FSCLA is dependent on short term external grants (from all levels of government), and as a result the scope and type of financial support we can offer groups and individuals varies from year to year.  This sometimes means a good project idea may not receive support as soon as we would like.  However, we would like to encourage you to always make contact and share your ideas.  You might be surprised, if we can’t help this year your idea may fit with a future grant or perhaps we can link you with another organisation or community group that is better situated to help now.