FSCLA AGM for 2020-21fy Tuesday 28th June 2022 1pm

The FSCLA needs to hold an AGM before the end of the financial year. We deferred the AGM from earlier in the year due to COVID.
A date has been set for the AGM for 1pm Tuesday 28th June, via Zoom, or in person at the FSCLA office in Bega (now 3 Corkhill Place or Old Bega Hospital). All members are invited to attend the AGM, please pass this on to your group members.
This meeting will be quite short and procedural. We will be holding another AGM next spring and combining it with a gathering, with guest speakers and catering, as a chance for all groups to come together and celebrate.
Everyone is encouraged to consider joining the FSCLA committee. The committee provides the governance and support for all the projects and work that the FSCLA does. Our current committee is made up of a great group of people with varied and extensive experience in NRM and environmental management. Sitting on the committee is not a big commitment of time and meetings are held in the early evenings about 6 times a year. Jean or Jess would be happy to chat to anyone thinking of putting their hand up.
If you would like to join the AGM, please let us : mail@fscla.org.au or 0437 520 884.
Please see below for previous minutes (2020 AGM) and financial audit.