Funding Success for Local Landcare Groups

02 August 2022
Several of our Landcare groups have successfully received funds to support their work in the latest round of Bega Valley Shire Council‘s Community Environment Grants. Well done to those groups that successfully applied, including: Panboola, Bermagui Dunecare, Pambula Landcare, Tura Mirador Landcare, Beauty Point Bushcare, Cobargo Green Recovery Inc., Bega River and Wetlands Landcare Group – BRAWL and Wallaga Heightscare.
Read more about the great projects that are receiving additional support from council below:
Community Environment Grant awarded to 10 organisations

Ten organisations across the shire will receive a Community Environment Grant this year to enhance, protect and restore our local environment.

2 August 2022

Ten organisations across the shire will receive a Community Environment Grant this year to enhance, protect and restore our local environment. Council’s Environmental Management Officer, Michael Fiedler congratulated and thanked the successful applicants for the work they do.

“The groups receiving funding will undertake a diverse range of projects that will make our area an even nicer place to live and visit,” Mr Fiedler said. “The program enables community groups to encourage and foster positive environmental behaviour and to increase community awareness of conservation issues. “It also supports conservation strategies, encourages innovation, and protects and enhances areas of cultural significance.”

The grants will be awarded to:

  • Pambula Wetlands and Heritage Project to engage a professional weed contractor to undertake weed control in the riparian zones of the Pambula River estuary.
  • Pambula Landcare to further reduce noxious and nationally significant weed species, and to transform weed affected areas in Pambula Beach and Jiguma Reserve.
  • Far South Coast Landcare Association, auspicing Beauty Point Bushcare group, to engage a professional contractor to build on the bush regeneration work of the group, allowing them to revegetate with native species in areas where they’ve controlled weeds.
  • Cobargo Green Recovery to continue environmental work along the creek banks in Cobargo.
  • Far South Coast Landcare Association to engage professional bush regeneration contractors to tackle difficult weeds at reserves in the shire.
  • Caring for Wallaga Lake Heights to restore and maintain the environment of the Wallaga Lake Estuary Foreshore at Wallaga Lake Heights.
  • Pambula River Shellfish Quality Assurance Program to enable local oyster growers to purchase a marine spill kit to help their efforts to protect Pambula Lake in the event of oil or fuel spills.
  • Tura Beach Flora Reserve Committee to help tree-hollow-dependent fauna through the installation of hollows and the removal of stems from the dead or diseased trees and redundant saplings.
  • Bermagui Dune Care to engage a contractor to continue weed management at Setons Headland and Cuttagee Point.
  • Bega River and Wetlands Landcare to undertake weed control and plant native endemic species to enhance the riparian corridor.

Picture caption: Reducing the impact of weeds on Panboola’s environment by Pambula Weltands and Heritage Project with 2021-22 grant funding