How to improve your soil health – Understanding soils and fertility inputs

If you can free up a few hours up on Tuesday the 5th June, consider attending our Soils Day near Bega with David Hardwick.  David is an inspiring and respected speaker on soil health with over 20 years of experience in sustainable agriculture (visit David Hardwick’s website).  

Tuesday 5 June, 2018 from 9.30am til 2pm
Rex Hergenhan property at Doctors Creek, 6km north of Bega (the veggie stall).
Morning tea and lunch provided.
Note: A similar event will be held in Moruya on 6 June


Soil is the foundation for most agricultural production. This workshop will assist
producers to better understand their soil properties, limitations and ways to enhance
productivity and profitability.

Part 1 will be presented by David Hardwick and will focus on:

  • understanding soils and soil health
  • soil biological fertility
  • nutrient budgeting
  • understanding and using soil fertility inputs

Part 2 will be a panel discussion involving local agronomists from Southern Farm
Supplies and Bega Agricultural Services, as well as David Hardwick, focusing on:

  • interpreting soil test results and identifying local trends / issues from soil
  • testing undertaken as part of the recent Farmers Network / LLS soils program understanding fertiliser recommendations to deal with soil nutrient limitations

For information and to RSVP contact: South East Local Land Services, Bega Office on 02 6491 7806 or or email the Farmers’ Network at